Primero Lo Primero believes that together we can create systemic change in Latin Americas early childhood ecosystems. We invite NGO’s, Corporations, Multilateral organizations, and Philanthropists to work and give together.


PLP offers three partnership models to engage:

1. Fiduciary - Each fiduciary partner is required to invest in the sustainability of the Primero Lo Primero backbone operation. The fiduciary partner also plays an integral role in the direction, design, and implementation of Primero Lo Primero’s strategic programs.

2. Implementation - An implementation partner executes and operates a specific role that aligns with the PLP strategic direction and common agenda.

3. Co-Investor - The co-investing partner’s mission and objectives are aligned with Primero Lo Primero programs and strategies. They invests in specific programs within the PLP portfolio of projects. PLP seeks to leverage each partners expertise, network, and voice.


PLP Current Fiduciary Partners:


aeioTU - fundacion carulla

aeioTU-Fundación Carulla is a social enterprise that develops the potential of children to transform communities in Colombia in an innovative and sustainable way. aeioTU works in partnership with public and private actors to provide comprehensive quality care (education, nutrition and care) to children from pregnancy to 5 years. Additionally, aeioTU accompanies other educational centers and early childhood educators to expand and improve their knowledge and experience. To achieve this, aeioTU has created the “aeioTU educational model”, which is inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy of education, and recognized worldwide as one of the best pedagogies for early childhood in the world. Currently, in Colombia there are 30 aeioTU educational centers in 14 cities and municipalities, with capacity to serve 13,376 children from the most vulnerable populations. URL -



United Way-Dividendo por Colombia is a non-profit organization representing United Way Worldwide in Colombia. They envision a world where all individuals and families achieve their human potential through Education, Income Stability and Healthy Lives. In Colombia, United Way - Dividendo por Colombia mobilizes resources from the private and public sectors to transform the educational ecosystems through sustainable, innovative and scalable solutions that adapt to the learning needs of children and young people in the twenty-first century and encourage them to continue learning. URL -


Genesis foundation

Genesis Foundation has developed since 2009 "First Learning Step- FLS" an early childhood education program directed to the most vulnerable communities in Colombia. With its comprehensive approach FLS trains educators, parents, nutritionists, social workers, among others, with pertinent strategies directed to promote children's and the communities development. It operates in alliance with different public and private partners across Colombia. Genesis is a key actor in Primero lo Primero in increasing ECD coverage with quality, sharing its knowledge with other operators, creating awareness of the importance of ECD and building strategic partnerships. URL -




The Mario Santo Domingo Foundation is a non-profit organization whose objective is to reduce poverty, promote social equity, and advance the country's sustainable development. The foundation promotes an intervention model for vulnerable communities that intertwines urban development, social development and business development. On the other hand, it supports cultural programs, education, environment, and innovation in early childhood.

The foundation partners with public and private institutions, as it has participated in the development and financing of initiatives such as Primero Lo Primero (PLP), with the mission of promoting quality in comprehensive care for children between 0-5 years of age, empowering their families, thus giving children living in vulnerable conditions a quality start to life. URL -


fundacion pies descalzos

Pies Descalzos Foundation is a Colombian non-governmental organization whose objective is to promote public quality education for children and young people in vulnerable situations in Colombia. The Pies Descalzos Foundation, from its strategy of ‘Escuelas de Puertas Abiertas', seeks to break the cycle of poverty and promote change as everyones issue for the potential of a peaceful Colombia. From its intervention model, it builds quality educational spaces, generates innovative pedagogies, promotes the improvement of nutritional conditions, provides psychosocial attention, and promotes community development. URL -




Primero Lo Primero U.S. represents the PLP backbone organization in the United States, and is a registered U.S. 501 C (3) organization.  PLP U.S. is focused on creating sustainability for the PLP alliance programs, and convening actors to strengthen the alliance and strategic goals. Together we guide our work, grow our network, and propose the best possible ways to advocate for and support comprehensive quality early childhood system change.