In December 2011, the Primero Lo Primero alliance (PLP) was established to enhance early childhood development programs and infrastructure in Colombia. The objective of Primero Lo Primero is to combine technical, administrative and financial efforts to develop early childhood programs and centers in Colombia as part of the national policy “De Cero a Siempre”. The Foundations that founded the alliance were: Fundación Mario Santo Domingo, Fundación Carulla-aeioTU, Pies Descalzos, Fundación ALAS, and Fundación Bancolombia. 

 It has evolved into the strongest public-private collective impact vehicle for early childhood development in Colombia, replicating it's proven model in other Latin American countries. In 2016 the Primero Lo Primero alliance was established as a legal entity in Colombia, and 501 C (3) public charity in the United States, Primero Lo Primero U.S.. The emphasis of the alliance is to build comprehensive development centers, increase the coverage of quality early care for the regions most vulnerable populations, and advocate for the inclusion of early childhood development policy in government agendas. 

The founding organizations provide resources, and continue creating alliances to further evolve the PLP collective impact vehicle, now with over 60 national and international partners. Today the alliance has built, operates, and has renovated a total of 101 centers, directly impacting the lives of 31,376 children between zero and five years of age in Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina.